French Press vs Pour Over Coffee – Which Is Better? What’s Best?

French Press vs Pour Over Coffee

Tired of plain-Jane drip coffee? Yep, me too.

There’s a big reason why so many coffee lovers are turning to alternative ways of making coffee; many of the alternative methods simply taste a heck of a lot better.

In my home I frequently make french press coffee in the morning because I can make a few cups at once but by afternoon my go to is always the pour over so that I can make a single cup easily.

The things is both methods are really great and if you make them properly each method can wow a house guest.

Having said that there are reasons that I would always recommend one over the other so let me explain below.

Does the French Press Make Better Coffee Than Pour Over Devices?

There are so many different ways to make a cup of coffee and each of them differs from one another. From the Aeropress method all the way to cafe solo. Each method of coffee making offers unique taste for coffee lovers. By applying different techniques and equipment to the process of coffee making, you can create unique taste of coffee that fits your preferences.

One of the two most popular ways to make coffee are the french press and pour over methods. Unfortunately, not many people know what is the difference between these two major techniques.

Those who’ve tried both of them have their own preference and argue that specific method is better than the other. That being said, what is exactly the difference between pour over coffee and french press? And which one is better? Those are the questions that we will touch upon in this article.

What Is French Press?

French press or also called press pot is the most widely used method of brewing coffee. It is the most common in the United States and European countries or in other words: English speaking part of the world. It was first patented by Italian (not french) designer in 1929 and since then it gained a lot of popularity among coffee fanatics. What distinguishes french press from other methods is a device called plunger. This is why french press is often referred to as plunger method. This device is simply pushing the grounds of coffee all the way to the bottom of the press.

A lot of people who are not fond of this way of making coffee often complain about coffee being too oily, too bold, and having over-extraction. For others, the richer taste and texture is what draws them in to this unique coffee technique. There are also many benefits of french press coffee.

You can see a few of the most popular french press pots listed below.

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What Is Pour Over Coffee? Is It Better?

Pour over coffee on the other hand is much different than it’s equivalent. While press method is using plunger to make coffee, pour over applies the cone for it’s extraction needs. This is why pour over is often refereed to as drip coffee.

It is important to note; however, that there are different types of pour over methods. Some people like to drink coffee through drippers while others are more fond of Chemex. There are slight differences between both of them but same idea is being used. Generally speaking, pour over coffee doesn’t contain as much oil as french press and is a little bit lighter from it’s competitor.

You can learn more about these differences in this post comparison of the Hario V60 and the Chemex coffee maker.

Here are some of the most popular pour over coffee makers sold today. Notice the variety in style.

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Which One Is Best?

That is a very difficult question and I am afraid there is no straight answer to it. Each person is different and likes different taste of their coffee. If you are into richer taste then french press might be better fit for you. If you like something lighter on the other hand, then pour over coffee might fit you better.

In addition, some people have preference for one of them based on the time of the day. For example, they prefer pour over in the morning and french press at night or afternoons. It all comes down to individual preferences and coffee that meets those preferences.