Handpresso Vs The Aeropress: Which One Is The Better Choice

Again we are faced with two different companies: Aerobie, based in the United States, and Handpresso, based in France. These two modern devices put their own twist to the brewing process and we are here to compare and contrast them, helping you decide which a better fit is for you.

Handpresso machines are fairly new devices that, as their name indicates, consist in a manual and portable espresso machine. Its mechanism is based in a classic pump-driven one and can brew espresso, cappuccino, Americano, and latte coffees. They require water and coffee pods (that are often sold separately), are easy to clean with no disassemble required and lightweight.

These machines are a great way to introduce the espresso where there is no other way: on a trip, to the office and even in the car. This is a versatile gadget that brews high quality espresso coffee and can easily be operated with one hand.

We have already discussed the Aeropress, so all we have left to do is compare and contrast these two novel options in the coffee brewing business.

Handpresso is ideal for the person who is constantly moving. From home to the office, business and pleasure trips, nights outside of home. The Handpresso is easy to carry and doesn’t need a lot of supplies in order to function. Just water and coffee pods, and both of those are fairly easy to find.

The Aeropress is a bit trickier. Since there is mixture to be done, a sturdy surface is needed and the amount of coffee is not as easily controlled. This is contrasting to the Handpresso, since one pod serves one cup.

The thing is, the type of coffee they produce is very different, since espresso is a much more concentrated and strong drink than the ones the Aeropress is capable of brewing. As we have previously said in several of our articles, espresso and regular coffee are very, very different.

Bottom line is, though these both products are great, they are vastly different from each other and the coffee they each brew it is more, so it is hard to choose based only on facts. Personal taste plays an important role and espresso fans will be more inclined to try the Handpresso, whereas French press or pour-over methods fans will want to give the Aeropress a shot.