The Optimal French Press Grounds To Water Ratio

So if you read around on the internet you will get a lot of people telling you different things (and they are adamant about it) such as the ideal ratio is “2 tablespoons per 6 ounces of water” others disagree saying the perfect ratio is more like “4 oz of water”.

But what is the optimal ratio of optimal french press ground to water ratio?

Well, firstly it is a bit subjective, everyone’s optimal ratio will be slightly different from everyone elses — it is about how strong (or weak) you like your coffee as well as the roasted beans you are using & the grind level.

This being said, there is a very good starting point from you to work from initially in your ever growing search for the optimal ration and that is “17.21 to 1”. In translation that works out if you have 500 grams worth of water, you should then be having around 29 grams of grounded coffee (so you will need a kitchen scale to hand). Then from you will play with the variables (grind size, brew time, even how you pour the water & apply it) to adjust to how you like.

A bit of ‘precision’ I know, but just sets a standard for you to work with. In reality, it is whatever best suits your palate. The general process should be to experiment every time & make a mental note of how the coffee ranked when you performed a specific set of rituals until you eventually embark on the perfect cup of coffee — you can then simply repeat that process and get the perfect cuppa consistently. A general tip though is to actually start fairly strong & then progressively get weaker and weaker until you feel it is about perfect.

Here is another video that discusses some advanced tips to making french press coffee.

If you find yourself really liking string coffee then you may also want to consider looking into getting a moka pot. This article compares the moka pot to the french press. I have both in my kitchen and love them both equally.