Moka Pot Vs French Press Coffee

Moka Pot Vs French Press Coffee – What’s The Difference & Which Is Better

In my home we use a basic french press to make coffee every morning. It’s about the cheapest one you can buy but it makes amazing coffee. It doesn’t look fancy; it wont impress anyone as a decorative piece but it does it’s job well.

One of the most interesting quotes in the coffee industry was from the CEO of Starbucks. When asked about the best coffee in the world he said it came out of a french press.

This to me isn’t all that interesting until you read between the lines. The CEO of Starbucks calls french press coffee the best in the world yet Starbucks does not sell french press coffee. Ohh the irony.

Anyway, yes, you could buy coffee beans from Starbucks and use them in your french press at home but that is besides the point.

Although I adore my french press in the morning I can’t possibly forget to mention my moka pot that I use frequently in the afternoons or evenings. Every now and then I make some in the morning for the wife’s Americano but typically it’s a late day drink for me.

If you are unfamiliar with the moka pot think of it like this. It’s a little aluminum (or stainless steel) device that sits on the stovetop and makes a highly potent coffee drink that is very similar to espresso. It’s not exactly the same thing because it’s not brewed under extreme pressure, just slightly high pressure.

Even still the moka or espresso like drink can take the place of espresso in many coffee drinks. It’s pretty much amazing.

I am a strong proponent of having both a french press and a moka pot in the kitchen. I think neither is better than the other but both are amazing ways to enjoy good coffee in the home.

Here is another video that discusses the differences between these two drinks.

Anyway, moka pots don’t tend to produce a large volume of coffee. They usually are best served in small espresso cups or diluted with hot water or milk for specialty drinks in larger 8-12 oz mugs.

For the french press I tend to use my trusty wide bottom mug that I bought from It’s a big 16oz mug that keeps my coffee hot for a while so that I can drink it slowly. My coffee press can make up to 32 ounces of coffee so this calculates out to two big cups of coffee per morning – or one if I split it with the wife.

Anyway, I hope this helped out a bit. Here at 1710 Coffee we’re all about education.

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