Best Coffee To Use In A French Press Coffee Maker

There can never really be one “best coffee”, because as you probably well and truly know when it comes to coffee it is definitely a subjective matter. This being said, there are certainly some coffees that are quality & others to stay away from.

When you like your coffee strong and black with a French press you are certainly on the right track. You will know that it combines water into prolonged contact with the grounded coffee and & then you are left with the ultra fine coffee sediments.

But when it comes to beans… it is no surprise, you want them “fresh” & you are more than likely not, going to want them “organically grown” in a shaded patch. Moreover, if you can get them freshly roasted then even better & you should ground them just before you are about to use them.

Can you get something like this from your local grocery or supermarket? In fact yes you can, you will have a range of fair trade options that you can grab right from the shelf. However, if you have a local roaster in your town — then that is certainly the next step up. You can ask them specifically for advice on what type of coffee beans work best for what. You can explain your taste preferences, how you like your coffee and they will offer you several types and one is bound to hit your c-spot (coffee spot).

Also, when you are storing your coffee & fresh beans keep them in a dark place, with a cool (room like temperature), a cabinet or cupboard would be perfect.

Following all these specific instructions, testing out different varieties ain’t easy, but when it comes to the pursuit of the perfect coffee for your french press coffee maker, no one said it was going to be easy.

Here is a video that goes into french press coffee making in greater detail.

And if you are a fan of French press coffee then you’ll love the rich flavor coffee that comes from a moka pot. This page pits the french press against the moka pot. Which one is better? Its hard to tell.