What Makes A Good French Press Coffee Maker

What Makes A Good French Press Coffee Maker

If you are looking to invest in a high quality, great performing french press coffee maker there are 5 fundamental laws that you should follow:

1. Does it have a good filter? If the filter is not fine enough to keep every grain of the coffee out, the entire ‘batch’ is ruined — no one wants to be eating grinds whilst drinking their coffee do they? Hence, make sure you invest in a coffee press with a quality filter or just go with a coffee maker that uses paper coffee filters.

2. What is it made from? You want your french press to be durable, strong and tough. If it can’t even stand a bit of boiling water & ‘cracks’ under pressure — it completely loses all value. Remember, the saying “you get what you paid for” definitely applies when it comes to buying good french press coffee makers.

3. How does it look? If it looks cheap, tacky and poorly constructed — then you have lost half the experience with having a french press coffee from the get go. A french press coffee maker should ooze elegance, quality craftsmanship and peak curiosity.

4. Is it practical? Granted, you can have a french press coffee maker made from the finest materials and constructed by the best manufacturers but if the lid is too large or just completely hazardous, it obviously doesn’t bode well as a decent appliance for the long run.

5. Does it have a decent warranty? Even the best of the best coffee makers break sometimes, but if you are all covered (like a good coffee manufacturer should do) then all is well. Be sure to read the small print.

Here’s a good video on why you might want to use a french press.

Of course french press coffee isn’t the only way to make good coffee, a moka pot does great too. If you’re unsure which french press you want t buy then make sure to check out my comparison of the french press to the moka pot.