Moka Pot vs Percolator

Moka Pot vs Percolator: Which One Wins?

If coffee is your thing, you probably know different ways of making it. There are many varieties of coffee that you can make for yourself or purchase at your local coffee shop. From famous caffe latte, cappuccino, and mocha. All the way to espresso and americano. So many choices yet you probably have your favorite one that means a lot to you. The one that you can’t imagine living without. That is the very reason why there are more and more different types of machines producing this great beverage for us. Most of the people have tried many types of coffee that were prepared using different techniques and machines. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to produce coffee just the way we want it. But back in the day it wasn’t like this. There were machines created by designers that served basic functions of coffee making but their functions were limited. Yet our parents and grandparents loved them. Even today machines of these types still exist and have big following. Two examples of them include Moka pot and Percolator. What is exactly different about them and how do they make coffee?

Moka Pot Coffee
Moka pot was designed in 1933 by Alfonos Bialetti and still is popular among coffee lover. From the outside it looks very simple but inside there is much more to it than simplicity. Moka pot is a type of coffee maker that is using electricity to boil water to a certain temperature in order to create a steam that in turn pushes water through the coffee ground. The end result is a fine brew of coffee or espresso. Although Moka pot doesn’t have as much pressure as other coffee machines, it brews almost identical end product for much cheaper.

Percolator Coffe
Percolator pot works little bit differently than Moka. It boils water at the bottom of the pot. Then the steam rises to the top and soon after falls back producing coffee that is present at the bottom of the pod. The whole process takes much longer and uses extremely hot heat. At the beginning of the process, coffee is very weak until it becomes stronger and stronger. Many coffee lovers complain that percolator is not that good because the water temperature is too high to properly brew the coffee. The flavor of the coffee produced by percolator is often very strong and harsh.

Most of the people in the office would very likely choose moka pot coffee over percolator one but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other. Others are in love with it because it gives strong aroma to their coffee. Because percolator pot has been used since 1753 it has a very long history. Some people attach a lot of memories to it due to it’s recognizable taste. It is very likely that your grandparents have been using this pot to make their own coffee. Moka on the other hand brews it’s coffee in much more consistent way. It might not be as advanced as a new coffee machines available on the market but it gets a job done for much cheaper. Also, if you are into old fashion and stylish ways of doing things then both of these pots are perfect for you. In addition, percolator does not use electricity to produce it’s coffee. This can be very useful among campers and people who spend a lot of time doing outdoor activities. Whatever pot you are going to choose for your needs you have to remember that it all comes down to your needs and preferences.