Coffee Maker with Water Line

Get a Coffee Maker with Water Line Hookup to Simplify Your Life

What do you day every day no matter what? It doesn’t matter if you are heading to work early or late or even if you are in vacation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday or a weekend either. The one thing I do every day — even on the days I am sick and don’t shower or brush my teeth — is make a pot of coffee first thing in the morning.

Sometimes I am ambitious and I make a pot of french press coffee. Occasionally I do pour over or even whip up a small moka pot on the stove but no matter what I always make coffee — no matter what.

The thing is though that when you do something day in and day out all the time you get good at it and you don’t even have to think about the process at all. In fact you get so good at it that you eventually start improving the process without every really thinking about it. You end up making coffee faster and better by simply doing it every day.

For those of you that do not have an extendable faucet in your kitchen this next statement will ring true even more than it will for everyone else. Eventually you will grow tired of filling the coffee machine with water because you have to sit there and wait for the water to flow through the faucet for 4-8 cups. This extra 10 seconds of your morning feels so long, presumably because your day is so fresh.

What is a person to do?

Here’s a tip that hit me like a truck in the face one morning a few years ago. If I get a coffee machine with a hookup to a water line then I would never have to fill the machine by hand ever again. It was genius; I thought I was genius and then I realized that tons of people had thought the same thing and that there were already conversion kits on the market to do just that.

Anyway, after looking at all the conversion kits I personally decided that I like the idea of buying a coffee maker with water line hookup preinstalled. I didn’t really want to Jerry-rig my current machine or try to make a conversion kit work either. The new unit just seemed like the best solution.

My Self Filling Coffee Maker

coffee maker with water lineThese days I have a Brew Express on my counter in my kitchen at home. I paid a good premium for convenience but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I ended up adding a T-connection to the water line under the sink and routing the line through a water filter under the counter en route to my counter top self-filling coffee maker.

Basically I eliminated the need to buy filtered water for my coffee or deal with filling the water reservoir every time I was to make a pot. Sure, this saves me only seconds every morning but it’s also a simple convenience, it’s an affordable luxury.

The Brew Express is a bit pricier than some of the other options out there but it’s also a standard drip machine so it doesn’t need proprietary (expensive) coffee pods to work like Keurig setups. After all, I’m a fan of grinding my own beans and sometimes even roasting my own! In the long run this machine saves me money.

In any event there are other options if you are a fan of Keurig and I’ve listed the main one’s below.

 Keurig B150 or K150 Direct Water Line Plumb Kit Keurig K150 Houshold / Commercial Brewing System: Coffee , Tea, Hot Cocoa Automatic Filtered Water Refill Do-It-Yourself Kit, For ALL Keurig Coffee Brewers by PureWater Filters Keurig B150 Fitting for Direct Water Line Hookup Keurig B150, B200, B3000, B3000se, Filter Kit by PureWater Filters

If you are really into the Keurig concept of coffee then you can really have a simple morning. You just drop a pod and hit brew. No messing with grind or water levels. I get it, this sounds great at times. The kits above can easily be put together with basic household tools.

There is also a pre-plumbed K150 brewer available so you don’t even have to fiddle with hooking the water line up to your coffee maker. This option isn’t well stocked but it is available from time to time here. You’ll still have to route the water supply but it’s got less setup so it may be worth it for some shoppers.

Enjoy your morning coffee quicker friends!