French Press v Drip

French Press Compared To Drip Coffee

So how does french press coffee compare to drip coffee. Well, every true coffee lover knows that French press is definitely the way to go, given the fundamental benefits it offers over drip coffee.

We know that drip coffee machines are at a disadvantage already, because they are built on the basis of ‘convenience’, they aren’t there to make ‘coffee the best it can be’, they are there to make the process nice & simple.

One such aspect is the automatic heating element, whereby the typical coffee machine will heat water fast, before it has hit the ideal water temp and then transfer it over to the brewing chamber and as we know getting the temperature of water just right is of fundamental importance. However, with a french press because everything is manual, we are able to control the exact temperature of the water because the two aspects are separate.

Another significant difference is the absence of filters you get with french coffee makers. With a drip coffee machine there is always some kind of standardized filters that are integrated and this has a few knock on effects. For instance, they provide an unpleasant taste to the water that then impacts the fragile taste of the roasts. Moreover, filters prevent oils from being expelled by the beans, harming the process of a high quality cup of coffee.

Also, despite what you may think, it is actually much easier to use a french press than a coffee drip machine — whereby they need to be integrated with a filter, add grinds to the filter, upping the water reservoir then wait several minutes for it carry out different stages. But, the main advantage is experimentation. A coffee drip machine can only let you brew one way, but as we have explored with a french press there are several variables you can alter to find the perfect cup of coffee.

Here’s a video demonstrating how easy it is to use a french press.

If you are not convinced french press is for you but still want to make great coffee in the home check out this post outlining the differences between stovetop espresso and french press coffee. You may like the stovetop moka pot better.