Drip Coffee vs Pump Espresso

Drip Coffee vs Pump Espresso And Which Should You Choose

Millions of people can’t imagine even a day without a small dose of coffee. A lot of Americans use coffee as a fuel to help them get throughout the day at work or at school. Coffee has a lot of health benefits and is widely used around the world. It helps us focus, sharpens our concentration, and helps us stay awake. When it comes to coffee there are many different ways to prepare it and everyone has their preference. Sometimes we are only familiar with limited types of preparation techniques, which limits our choices. One of the most popular methods out on the market include drip coffee and pump espresso. Both of them are different from each other and have their following, but which one is better? In order to answer this question we need to be able to know what they are first.

What Is Pump Espresso?
Espresso is made differently than regular coffee and is very popular in European countries especially in Italy. Unlike coffee, it uses small amount of hot water to push through coffee beans. The end result is a small dose of flavor rich coffee that is much stronger. Interesting thing is that espresso is the base of many coffee drinks that you can find in coffee shops. That means that almost all coffee shops have espresso machines and one of the most popular ones include Mr. Coffee Pump reviewed at GoodHouseKeeping.com.

If you are into small quantities that are stronger, then espresso is a perfect coffee drink for you. It usually comes in doses. You can buy one dose of it or two. In coffee shops two doses of espresso are usually called dopio. It is a perfect dose of coffee for warmer days rather than drinking coffee that can make you even more hot. Unless its an iced coffee.

What Is Drip Coffee?
Drip coffee is basically made using more water than espresso uses. It is one of the most popular caffeine beverages in the world. In order to make it you use slightly cooler water than that used for espresso and beans that are more ground a bit more course. In addition, brewing of the coffee takes longer time than of it’s equivalent.

There are different ways to make coffee and one of the most important ones are press coffee and pour over coffee. For press coffee you use plunger to make stronger coffee than that of pour over. Pour over is using a paper cone in order to extract coffee to the water. It is relatively lighter and contains less oil. In addition each of these methods has also sub-methods of making coffee. The whole process of making coffee can be compared to art because you can be very creative and artistic with it. There is really no one way that you can prepare your coffee.

Which One Should You Choose?
Coffee preference just like with anything else depends on individual preference. That being said, you should try both of them first and see which one you like better. You might like drip coffee during day and the other one during night. It all depends on you and what pleases you more.