1st Post On The New Coffee Blog!

It’s been a while but I’ve started building out the site this week and I’ve finally got the blog up and running.

A while back I posted a handful of good informational pages which you can see linked to from the homepage but the blog was befuddling to me – I’m not much of a tech person after all.

Anyway, I talked a bit with a friend and he coached me on how to setup the blog as a category and then link to it from the menu – awesome!

Since this is the first post on the blog I figured I’d take a minute to say exactly what my thoughts are for this section of the site. It should set the groundwork for all the blog posts going forward I think.

First of all it may be obvious but I am not a professional blogger by any means; I don’t really perform well in written words. Rather I much prefer talking it out face to face so I’ve decided I would blog about the best conversations I have in the coffee house on an every now and then basis. Whether I’ve having a conversation with another coffee pro, customer, or random person on the street if it’s about coffee and I find it interesting I’ll try to summarize those discussions here on the 1710 Coffee Blog.

I hope I have good conversations in the next few weeks otherwise I’ll have nothing to write about. 🙂 Want to help give my blog fodder? Stop by and say hi and we’ll have a good discussion over a cup or two.